About me


HviedsVerden are crocheted designs for children and babies.
Behind HviedsVerden stands Camilla Hvied, who designs and develops all crochet patterns featured.


In my designs I focus on comfort, functionality and following the trends of the time. It is important to me that the clothes I design, fit in everyday life of families with children. This means that it fits well on them and does not crawl up or fall down as they tumble around like children and babies do.
It's the combination of the functional and the modern I strive to hit every time I make a design.

A design can take me several months to make, as I spend a lot of time finding the right methods and shapes for the design. Often it takes me 2-3 attempts before i get it right. I love the puzzle that is in making the crochet look exclusive and beautiful.



I think that to make a pattern easily understandable it requires illustrations, pictures and guides. Therefore, in my patterns, there is always several illustrations that show which part of the project you are currently working on. It is sometimes difficult to see the context, or understand how it should end up being a final product, if you don't have the proper overview from the start.
At the slightly difficult parts of the pattern you will see guides which are "step-by-step", so it's easy to follow the pictures and visually see if you do it right.

My patterns are always tested out by other crocheters before being released. There are always other people who have proofread the pattern for errors / deficiencies and thereby also tested the clothes on real children.